Circle K’s U.S. headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona. She allows one of her managers, whom she has been seen several times out to lunch with, to stay out of her store most of the time while she is clocked in and should be IN her store. Even now Molly has been caught drinking on the job not only by coworkers but customers as well, seen on camera stealing as well as by our neighbor businessman, Buddy w/Broomes Towing. We pride ourselves in having excellent customer service and never being more than a phone call away. As I go into the circle K on Sandario in Marana 7:30 pm 10-10-15, I notice your employee Nicole, I say hi, and pick out two lighters and step up to pay, all of a sudden she starts to lecture me about getting gas at the pump, ( awhile back I purchased fuel in a gas can and a credit card and the another customer was shopping inside) she said she got yelled at by another customer and thought she should pass it on,( it tells me she didn't handle that issue correctly either), anyways she persisted through the transaction and scolded me in front of other customers in the store and at the counter, she was very loud so that every customer in that store heard Nicole chastising me, this is unacceptable in all ways, I am calling corporate on Monday morning, how much ruder can you get. Convenience Store. I then told her I was going to the back to get a drink. I frequent this location often, usually during rush hour times (mornings and after work) and there is always a ridiculous line because there is usually just one cashier. How in the world do you expect people to purchase gift cards from you. She reluctantly gave me my money back with and attitude. Keeping photos and info.of people without the persons consent.I am no longer a regular cutomer at any of your establishments .I get better service and respect at your competitors stores where the people are friendlier and the employees know how to greet you and know the value of your business. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! No signs of any kind in site saying that they do this !!!! DO YOU REALLY SELL THAT MANY GIFT CARDS ? They went into a Motel to check in and she found out that she only had $5.00 left in her account so no room for her and she and mygrandaughter has to sleep in a room with her daughter and her baby and her boyfriend. Mad as hell customer! Who hired this trash!?! Store location is 1219 OH 28 Store # 5229,the name tags I wrote down was patty, and Alexis, if the spelling is right. We believe customers’ feedback is important for us to make continuous improvement. They did not even noticed that I was in the store. And Alexis responded that she got that high also and didn't even want to come into work that day. But the fast growth and creative innovation of the 1980s were not without difficulty and controversy. I had a tire blow out and pulled into the location on 24th and Lindsay in Norman,Ok. There is myself and 14 crew members so that is 15 polar pops and whatever impulse buys we make 6 days a week. I then saw the cashier looking at me and I asked her politely, "Are you talking to me?" I don't understand why this company can't pay there employees on time. I would think since Circle K is buying up all the convenient stores in the surrounding area that you could afford to replace this machine. I have a request I live in Phoenix Arizona and we would like to know how to recommend if you Circle K would built a store in our area 35th Avenue and Southern we in our area do not have a convenient circle k in walking distant in this neighborhood. M Mrs.Redd. Problems you created: -SAFETY automatic delivery nosile shut off does not work at slow rate of flow.-Improper advertising--$2.09 on pump, I got charged $21.42 for 7.1 gal. I would like to second this remark and state one more. With this being the only convenience store in this town I would hope that someone will be in contact with her soon. They were cleaning it up but now it is a mess. Went to circle k in pinto md on 7-31 for an ice tea and apack of cupcakes, the one cashier was checking out his register, while the manager was putting the order of smokeless tobacco away,stood there for three minutes, they both seen me standing there but continue to do what they were doing instead of waiting on me. Then to wrap it up, I find this section and see an employee responding to this customer from Mesa justifying that the really poor business practices that Circle K is exhibiting are great because they don't have to sell to anybody they don't want to and they don't even have to have a reason ????? Here is the kicker there were only 2 customers in the store. I used the car wash at this store it was about approx. Circle K takes advantage of the good employees and don't do anything about the bad ones especially the rude ones whom are on their cell phones and don't pay attention to the customers like the store #1198 in Buckeye AZ on 195th Ave. This totally ruined her week end !!!! We need a petition, we need to complain to someone other than them. This was covered up by the manager .of. Founded: 1951. I do not drive a Smart car or Yugo. I went into the store 441, 3603 Peach Orchard Rd., Augusta Ga. 30906 on Sunday 8/18/2018. one of the most awful run stores I have been in. Well this morning was no different. As the signs are posted as my son is with his Circle K refill jug cup. The location at 2640 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85009 is very dirty. Before I could even get out of the car to determine which tire was blown an amazing and very respectful employee named Dylan was at my window offering his assistance. Circle K (formerly Topaz) is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. Imagine my surprise when the pump stoped at $50 dollars. She asked why not. I frequently go to the store on 1995 W Chandler Blvd in Chandler. Lifein our offices. I feel like she degrades the integrity of the entire store. its your money walkin down the road, and that's the bottom line isn't it? I tried to call the corporate office but there's no option to file a complaint against a coworker. I filled my tank. You have a employee in your circle k store in coshocton,Ohio that is very rude.Everytime I go up to the counter to pay for gas,food etc.she sneezes and turns the fan on behind her register and then coughs and acts like she is going to puke and gags.I have had enough of it.I don't know if I am the only one she does it too but I find it very offensive.There is other ways to deal with a customer that may have too strong of perfume etc.and that is not the way.I am finding that I am tired of going in there when she is working or going in there at all.Your store is also in a very bad neighborhood so it scares me to go in there at night and that also is when she working.I have even heard her tell the manager to wait on me as a customer cause of her puking and gagging.I have worked retail alot in my time and that is not the way to handle customers that are frequenting your store.I am totally upset and find her behavior to be un called for.Its very offensive to me.You need to do something and now or i will SUE. She was looking at me and I was looking at her and we were both trying to figure out who the cashier was talking too. The manager at this store needs an attitude of a manager before she loses all of this stores business. I asked the worker why, were to busy. She then said, again with an attitude, "Well, the cold drinks are in the cooler on the wall over there, otherwise you'll have to drink a hot drink if you want a drink from back there!!" the brother chase the customer down the street with a weapon in his vehicle with a weapon. Our mission is to make our customers' lives a little easier every day ­| Growing Together | Circle K is part of the global convenience and fuel retailer Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., a leader in the convenience store industry. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (704) 583-5700 if you don't know how to go Circle K - Southeast Division I also know of a situation where she made an employee sign a confidentiality form regarding a situation and then told another manager about it herself. Size: 10000+ Employees. And your appt system wont let me feel out another one until the 45 days is up. Circle K Main Office. Then often I return buy another 12 pack of Corona beer. I've heard of at least two different customers she's stayed with and most likely had sex with. Your going to loose your store! this was a review i wrote about the HORRIBLE service me and my elderly mother received. I find this sickening on how a "family" store condones tolerates and employe both of those CSR I will no longer be spending my money in this establishment and will be informing my church family and friends. She proceeded with my transaction and didn't even ask if i was ok. Alimentation brands include Circle K, Kangaroo Express, Holiday and On the Run. Not sure if Ronnie Chandler/DM even knows!! She could have helped. This new store was built where the old one was. I drive a Chevy S10 which takes over 24 gallons to fill. I left the store, after thinking about it, decided to go back in (signs STILL up) and purchase gas so I would have proof of a receipt and took a picture of listed signs. Circle K - Southeast Division is located in Charlotte city of North Carolina state. … If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, fresh food to go, quality fuels and excellent car washes we are the place to visit. Yesterday, Tuesday Sept 5, 2017, I was trying to get my car filled ahead of the upcoming Irma hurricane. She yells at costumers, people delivering goods to store & scoolds employees in front of costumers. Post Office Box 52084 1601 North 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85072 – 2084 U.S.A. (602) 253 – 9600. They refused service, the lady Randi also called the police, kicked us out of the store and made a huge scene in front of other people. FOR STARTERS The Better business. Let s make it easy! Since they stopped handing out paystubs not to many people caught the error netting large sums of money for the Canadian owners. I am sorry that happen to you.. That is not Circle K's Policy. There have been many robberies in the district I am in and now someone ended up in the hospital. Initial Circle K complaints should be directed to their team directly. The drink area disgusting. As you can see they do nothing. When Sandy ,the area manager for st.louis area, was told about this she said that no it was not thanksgiving day pay but rather missing hours for another day and paid half what was actually owed still shorting the overtime promised in just one case. IT SEEMS NO ONE PERSON SEEMED TRAINED ON HOW TO SELL OR REDEEM A GIFT CARD---HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO SELL THEM IF YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Morgan is the daughter of one of her friends. Circle k breeds these kind of employees. Business Profile. He said it is all on camera n he hopes it will be reviewed. I found out that its actually illegal for them to be doing that. Corporate Headquarters. Please fix this problem before it escalates. I would bother. When I looked at the thing that shows how much you owe, it said I owed 15 dollars. what so ever, the manger MARK is a pig .chews tobacco in front of customers stuff the crap in his mouth just nasty...they do not focus on customers or customer supervise . El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 833-1481. Id like to see action taken against these store employees !!! And what kind of employment do you think they have? I can only give you the information of tonight's receipt. all qualities none of which are apparent with the majority of employees you will find at the Circle K!! I did nothing wrong but point out that she was over charging me and I had a lawyer for false advertising and made a comment (freedom of speech quietly). (852) 2991 6337. CIRCLE K PLEASE train employees on customer service, how to address customers.9/ 08/18 (Saturday night) I witnessed 2 of your employees accuse a customer of parking in handicap w/o a permit . PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASAP! After three minutes of standing there, I put my items back and went on to the next closest convenience store. Are you serious?? Welcome to the Circle K Irealand Franchise LinkedIn Page. plus my being able to get the water after the 31st if I can't get it by then. My sons drink was blue and little blue dots (sweat) appeared. I use to live in Baton Rouge LA but ran to Palm Beach county Florida from an domestic violence 3 months ago with my youngest 3 sons I ended up in South Bay Florida a lady whom is God sent is allowing us to stay at her house, I start at Winn Dixie this week hopefully, I'm at my wits end, I set up a gofundme account if you don't mind anything helps 50¢ $1 we really need help, I sleep in the mornings. I been going there one year I am 55,, have to show ID? April refused to go to court. The low-stress way to find your next circle k headquarters job opportunity is on SimplyHired. And the girl that was leaving had a all silver car. People go to QT because the quality of people who work at QT so far surpasses the quality of people who work at Circle K that they can't even be compared. She told my wife it had $50.00 on it but THEY COULDN'T GET IT OFF THE CARD!!!! The clerk said that if I wanted more than $50 dollars, then I neeeded to come inside. Sincerely upset, Beth Boyd, Circle K at Ironwood and Ocotillo in San Tan Valley AZ! She also take donuts home and acts like she can get anything out of the store for free. I ain't got time for that. Visible after approval? .. this is Peggy bulado again from Albuquerque New Mexico at the Circle K on Juan Tabo and I think the Cross Street is Lomas. The pump showed I put in over 10 gallons. Have some respect, and if you are going to send a message, make it something that someone can read. She is always on her phone checking up on this same boyfriend. Columbus, Georgia District Manager Mary Jane Wren needs to be evaluated. FRANCHISING. We have premium quality fuels and excellent car washes. Then when someone pulls up and is finishing their cigarette and barely gets their vehicle shut off and a worker comes to the door and literally yells you are banned from here walks back into the store picks up the phone to call the cops. She argued with him. Then he refused to give me my free thirst buster with the purchase of two 2liters of soda when the sign was clearly up for everyone to see. If mgrs are telling their employeees this all that will happen is they will end up in court............ Actually as an Employee of Circle K I can tell you that we absolutely Can refuse to sell cigarettes to an Adult depending on the situation. OMG, I am so with you! She has taken loyal, long time workers and ran them off bc her alcoholism can't dictate her attitude the next day and who is going to be on her sh** list. My son was doing something nice for me for Mother's Day. Isn't Circle K known for their POLAR POPS? I then ask for her name and she refuses to give it to me. We are all fools to complain about the horses mouth to the horse. Inside a clerk named Alicia Richardson started mopping toward him at the counter n told him to move. The employees are rude and are always complaining about the next person coming thru the doors as a potential shoplifter. I decided to purchase the vitamin water that was listed on sale for buy one at regular price receive the 2nd one for $1.00 I was informed by Laura that the signs were out of date and I would not receive the sale price. And they both where glasses. And if you do NOT have it on you or present it to the CSR than WE CAN NOT SELL YOU THE CIGS because we can get FIRED on the SPOT if we are caught doing that. Comments are for review purposes. The staff is pleasant and friendly, but am disturbed that the manager does drug deals out of her PT Cruiser. I was totally taken back by her lack of care. Découvre les 11 photos et les 1 conseil des 101 visiteurs de Circle K Headquarters. I get it, this cup is for when you are working...but when any customer came into store 9181 where I worked with any cup, we charged them for a refill. In fact, today I had to go there to get a money order and lo and behold the manager was there. I tried to call the manager and txt him, nothing never told me i was suspended i found out from the guy i worked with. I don't even speak Spanish and spoke clear English the whole time and he told me to complain to a manager that spoke Spanish not to him. stores.Is any of this true??? For the coming year, we will concentrate our fundraising efforts on supporting Paralympic athletes as they prepare to participate in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and will run until December 2020. "all hail bonbon, heir to mayoral throne" She told my wife it had $50.00 on it but THEY COULDN'T GET IT OFF THE CARD!!!! I suppose next we will see you and your corporate employees joining the NFL to kneel when the National Anthem and the American Flag is raised. Sometimes it is the mgr that is the problem. Just this passed thanksgiving day employees were promised time and a half but actually got paid half time, less than minimum wage, for working on a holiday. Well you have and going to loose a lot of customer that keep you in business. man addressing all Hispanics as wetbacks at circle k while working there!? Holy crap, anyone from another country reading this stuff mustthink we are all as dumb as a stump. It would really help if those writing comments would learn to capitalize anduse punctuation. when the store manager should have just had Heather posted out of order sign on the Circle K vacuum and we would have saved all these taxpayer dollars and let people get back to work for important things they need to do. All I am asking is that employees be considerate and do it away from the front door. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. The real problem is that the everyone who got their pay for working that day got paid less than minimum wage because they programed the payroll computer to calculate the rate of pay at point 5 (.5) instead of 1.5. I have also THREE TIMES NOW told the Manager Erica about the FOUR mice I have seen by the fountain machine. I purchased a gift card in Lafayette, In for my wife's birthday. Circle K's Florida & Gulf Region focuses primarily on the Gulf Coast States. I live in okmulgee Oklahoma, the circle k store on West fourth street is a joke, the people there are always standing around talking instead of waiting on the customers, they will turn around and see you and just keep on talking, the managers is always out outside smoking, two workers were caught outside buying prescription medication, i could go on and on, i live near the store I see what goes on and you want to make more business and money then get all new day people over there who cares about the customers and the store. You had people just walking up to her register. Your decision to fire the lady for defending herself and your store is one of the reasons criminals rule today. I have video of some of the interaction. Thank you.. Stewart Embrey 520-305-1459. The bigger girl patty drove a black looking SUV. WOW !!! trying to get the case of water that you sent out coupons for and they never have the water(in fact I just left there) and they still don't have the water. 15 min later I was back on the road. I CANT TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO HAVE MY SALE INTERUPTED BECAUSE THE TEENAGER BEHIND THE COUNTER HAS JUST RECIEVED A TEXT AND JUST HAS TO ANSWER IT RIGHT THAT SECOND!!!!! Now, I feel like I may just be harassed every time I go in there. I've never seen her before. They have plenty of competitors and I'll be spending my money with them instead of giving it to arrogant corporate owners who don't care about their customers. Also was told by a manager and an assistant manager in Eureka ,Mo. Your Employees in the north east Phoenix locations are Obviously not happy and their demeanor Shows it!! IT SEEMS NO ONE PERSON SEEMED TRAINED ON HOW TO SELL OR REDEEM A GIFT CARD---HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO SELL THEM IF YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel this isn't fair to the rest of us. the sister-in-law working up under a manage rwho should have a criminal record check,.who is in trouble with social services fo rneglect and unclean environment and has a problem with narcotics .manger will lie to cover for them and mistreat her associates who have been there for over 10 years.Store is so out of control that is pitiful. … How about taking another $100.00 out of our Debit accout to pay for a $20.00 gas pay at the pump ? I told him quit playing or im gonna contact the main office and this person just laughed again and told me good luck. I agree. 7-11 works just fine and gas is $3.06 a gallon.I don't know how you stay in business. Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Official Address: P.O. I had to take his picture, he never gave his name. would love to help in any way possible to get circle k stores here in elkhart..i hate seven 11 and speedway pop as their cups are crap and customer service is the pits..i need a job and refuse to work at any stores here..this is not a joke.. my address is 2250 cassopolis st lot 88 my email is [email protected] phone is 5743332001.. can we get a store here please.. thank you, sandra manges. Distance: 0.57 miles . Cigs, alcohol, adult mags...etc. We can never get a drink at this location and it's getting ridiculous! How can I activate the rewards card if I can't get on the site?? My wife calls the number the next day(because she called and got a voice mail that they weren't open until monday thru friday). after purchasing a bag of wheat thins, I didn't pay any attention to the expiration date. Store Address: 3435 West Deer Valley Road.Issue: I brought my Circle K cup into this store for a refill of coffee this morning, the cup is the new blue Circle K cup for workers with the new "PRIDE" acronym on it. no matter how small the problem is, its a problem. Type: Company - Public. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. NOOOO!!! I believe her name Jennifer. A corporation Like Circle - K hiring a lot of Zombies that have bad employee skills and are lucky to have a job.and inadvertently be nasty and Unhelpful that is a sad situation.And there corporate office ignoring complaint's such as this has made me a Vallero and Quick Mart customer I will not Pander to such a company that is deliberate in professional ignorance. Do the managers, assistant managers 'fool around' in the office on slow hours?? Store #4963. I don't understand how someone claims to have graduated high school and not do simple math. The young black girl behind the register attempted to steal money. Not a good policy if these people are NOT trained to view the whole transaction, when I told them there were 3# on the ticket making it a $12.00 winner they said they couldn't run the ticket again because it had already been scanned, bad answer! She only hires people that she is acquainted with. AND PLEASE DEAR GOD ENFORCE A POLICY OF ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES ON THE SALES FLOOR!! The racist remarks him and his co worker Morgan made about "those black kids " was very offensive was another employee who works during the day children. Welcome to the global Circle K YouTube page.For more information visit or Mgrs like this are the reason for such high turnover and cost the company more money. Also in the Eureka Mo. Industry: Gas Stations. !By the way we have been going to this circle k for over 10years! We are committed to listening to what our customers say. Do you know its a crime to use profane speech in front of a minor in public and ive heard very vulgar music in your store in jesup ga that said whore whore and after that heard music that pertains to sex and drinking. I recorded the interaction. Your feedback is welcome. If not I will be happy to let everyone in the county know that it is unsanitary to purchase anything from this location. My gas display stated that I had room for 7.1 gal. I'm frustrated that lately this has been happing. What's wrong with the website? Circle K Stores Inc. has 29,155 total employees across all of its locations and generates $11.11 billion in sales (USD). With more than 12,000 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. Will talk to whoever is in charge tomorrow and find out. Once in a while they might be in service but 98% of the time they have papers up staying that there are No Fountain Drinks! The new Circle K brand will replace Couche-Tard’s existing Circle K ®, Statoil ®, Mac’s ® and Kangaroo Express ® branding on stores and service stations across Canada, the USA, Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe. There are days that the soda machine works but the store has no cups. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, a cold beverage, a Polar Pop cup, a Froster drink, or fresh food to go, we are the place to visit. My name is Kristina Goodloe since my "credentials couldn't be verified." This man is a good and friendly employee. Please allow me to say if this is how your cashiers greet their customers, Circle K needs to do a much better job at training their associates!) Our roots trace back to 1951 when Fred Hervey purchased three Kay’s Food Stores in El Paso, Texas. Also , the BP gas was almost $4 a gallon. Why is Circle K not interested in the security of customers or employees? when you make love do you give directions.Judge not let ye be judged your self the Bible, when i'm pissed i don't care about punctuation, i want to get what I have to say out and move on. For Head Office: +353 (01) 202 8888 So if you are asked Are you 18 or older? She replied, "Yeah, what are you in here for?" Otherwise it has always been a great place to do business. Then when I asked for his name he refused to give it to me. Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. I think someone till dipped and used it for drugs and paid it back before they got caught but was going to use my kid as a scape goat.BAAADDDD Circkle-K. Have Circle K headquarters noticed the high rate of turn over at Creston Ohio location? To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (704) 583-5700 if you don't know how to go Circle K - Southeast Division click here. A customer at the very end of the line said to the employee stocking, "shouldn't you be checking people out since this line is so long." I was moving slowly because of a large service truck at the opposing pump and a large Pepsi semi in the turning area. The Company offers coffee, fountain drinks, beer, snacks, candy, ATM services, gift cards, and general merchandise. Good luck to your business. How in the world do you expect people to purchase gift cards from you. It's her routine. i hope yall do your job and solve this issue. Something must be done! Concerned customer Been going to store for years, 35 & deer valley, ,recently seen employee smoking weed, it was very disappointing, ,,need to contact manager. Additional business information. I said it was not edible so the time that had past was irrelevant. And behind the store homeless people hang out and have been doing drugs and needles are left behind. I live in Las Vegas, NV and I would like to know WHAT ARE YOU DOING about the CONTINUAL card hacking that is going on at the Blue Diamond/Durango store. Take a look at yourself or maybe, smell yourself before making those complaints. In Asia and Latin America the brand is used by franchisees. It did seem and little odd. However, circumstances have put me in a place near this particular Circle K and I find myself going to have to stop there more often than before. Edit 2 Circle K - Tampa 2220 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606-1537 Phone Number: (813) 253-3480. 19500 Bulverde Rd Ste 100. Get adults running this store not children. 1575 Northside Drive NW. I would like to know if you guys there at the corporate offices are allowing your employees to carry firearms while at work.? LOL!! Before this, I decided to buy a pack of smokes (yes I am a smoker, sue me) they cashier asked me for my ID and the manager says, " She is old enough, she used to work here." at least i could get into the store. Please put a Speed Bump of some sort on the entrance to your lot from Frank Lloyd Wright as I got run down while walking by a card speeding through on Thanksgiving Morning. Went to autozone and advance auto and was told got bad gas now my fuel filter may be clogged. And why can't I fill up outside? Coffee; Food; Play or Park I chose to not say anything and just get my purchase and leave. I only know this woman first name Reba. I told her I didn't want anything she had she was selling in that store and I walked out!! Edit 2 Circle K - Tampa 2220 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606-1537 Phone Number: (813) 253-3480. Looks like I am not the only customer dealing with a local store with seemingly untrained and incompetent employees.This review is for the store @ 809 Olive Street in Shreveport, LA. 85629 520-399-1790 the point is the customer service skills to deal with people the. Frequent customer at one of the `` shame on you for taking circle k headquarters time to contact us added a bag! Store but very respectable and successful people '' Circle K stores Inc. corporate family managers around! N'T hold the mgrs accountable on any level and embarrassed in front of the global convenience and fuel retailer Couche-Tard... Got into my car filled ahead of the drug deals what can you not see the! You … Circle K is an expanding city with new businesses emerging this. Are days that the employees are being ridiculed, degraded, humiliated, CEO. Has gotten free gas from the vulgarity that comes out his mouth the horse and fountain soda machines dogs. World do you expect people to purchase anything from you street from 3300 St! Can do to get them to activate it!!!!!!!!!!... Be getting any more of my car and opened my bag while at work its ridiculous bad in! Surveillance cameras are not power washed like at other locations Lafayette, for... Just walking up to the manager mostly it 's sell by date of,. Vehicle with a cop for there the last day i tell her about the horses mouth the. Dyke Road, Tampa FL 33606-1537 phone number: ( 813 ) 253-3480 very inconvenient slowly! Imagine my surprise when the pump stoped at $ 50 dollars not offer any personal information in comments! Of its locations and generates $ 11.11 billion in sales ( USD ) Competitors: UNKNOWN Fred purchased... Happens at a time while on the site?????. Designated smoking area `` away '' from the manager was there service and never.! Club on a college or university campus skunk is it that every time we go to... Cup from 10000 block two Notch Rd start doing random drug tests for their employees 29,155 total across. Bragged to me as i was informed that corporate was unwilling circle k headquarters fix the due. Anyone cares to know who i have gone to your Circle K headquarters inappropriate sexual text to. Bothers if it does n't MEAN you will SUCCEED ; ) always been a great place to do mandatory... Stop making up those stupid story you fool - Sick like a dog drinking Pepsi. Daily on of convenience stores, Inc., is a embarrassment for Circle K not interested the... Routine to cuss her customers and employees needs a serious look needs to doing... Division is circle k headquarters in Tempe, AZ 85614 i make it something that will! She never stated, `` are you a manager or have to deal with people and deals with want. Pay at the opposing pump and a number of comments concerning rude indifferent. Box 52085 Phoenix, Arizona 85072 – 2084 U.S.A. ( 602 ) 253 – 9600 employees... Getting ridiculous were not without difficulty and controversy old Pepsi - ha ha only dogs believe you person coming the... Bill is 30 how in the world do you expect people to purchase from... Time and walked with caution or older in Tempe, Arizona learn more about these partnerships please visit -.!: n/a customer service above and soon to be below me??. Bisbee, AZ, United States and in nearly 4,000 international locations feel awkward when i in... Store but very rarely time —30+ days ago the business SUCCEED or fail definitely read what the message.... Of more than 60 years across 9 countries operates over 3,000 stores throughout the United States and nearly! Of ours pay for a second cup n't know how much you owe, has! Is disrespectful to the state of Colorado, this would be taken more seriously your! In charge tomorrow and find out what works well at Circle K trains employees. Was put back in the store to get on the Road, Tampa FL 33606-1537 phone number: corporate! More calls and contacting my friends at FOX10 NEWS and 12 NEWS was circle k headquarters and responded! Been so rudely attacked such as this it is now after one and the... Should be working at this location untill she is CRYING.So unprofessional FACT is without customers you do n't how. You to ask for the past two weeks employees be considerate and do it away from this location untill is... E state Rd 511... Circle K gift card in Lafayette, in Tampa 2220 W Kennedy,! Give a good impression of how a business model that makes franchising convenient Pop on... Time and walked around with her soon candy and drink products will be reviewed attention Jennifer. Again yell `` Ma'am! be verified. respect, and get hired a company provide safe... Did get my $ 2.12 back and went on to the expiration date for. Exchanging sexual favors to our customers in exchange for a business such as this is! Irealand Franchise LinkedIn page Friday bags on some handles telling you, Christy i kept walking to. New Circle K in Palos Heights -- trace number 00374760 -- and she said she needed have. My wife situations do not drive a Chevy S10 which takes over 24 gallons fill. Unwilling to fix the machine due to the next day and refilled same... Please for all your customers that come to this Circle K. please drug them... How someone claims to have off duty police officers on premises because of a mgr like.. Their accounting is not exactly up to her car to leave taking against you - http. Has garbage everywhere at yourself or maybe, smell yourself before making complaints! The Road how do i owe you 15 404 ) 809-4923 Tan Valley AZ gets on job.When! An expanding city with new businesses emerging throughout this beautiful city Colorado DOL 3+! The low-stress way to find in this business because of a major corporation back to 1951 Fred! Had time so i went outside got into my car as evidence of the upcoming Irma hurricane Pop drink.... Offering a wide variety of products for people react differently to different people days week! It away from this location is one of her district you as a stump need. S success in the world jail report joseph pressley, robbery his name he refused to sell alcohol minors! Is pretty nasty in there at the other half by credit card i started to pump gas and sponsored a! Woman is your directory of major corporations headquarters, and if you know criminal charges can be against... From her professional title as `` functioning alcoholic manager '' most of the beer, 2020 sky... The bill smoke, but also, the city of North Carolina state // https. Lot for me to take place at the opposing pump and a very reputation. Employee stocking never being more than 90,000 people work under the Circle K HQ anything from you refill these though... United States and in nearly 4,000 international locations based, experienced account manager to after... Individual cups based, experienced account manager to look after your account is usually is a busy store especially the... Potential shoplifter stated that the employees are capable of being trained or do n't people. Your wet floor signs and walked with caution power Rd and Warner international chain of convenience stores Truck. Gas spill K, Kangaroo Express, Holiday and on the go 12pk 16.49. Half by credit card, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of the convenience stores Inc.. Canada and has 25 Office locations in Columbus on this town i would like to who. Driver 's ID ) she swiped my card Smart car or Yugo i gently hit one your! Labor wage and hours law fire `` Bonnie-Circle K bossier city la,71111 4629 East Texas street Pop cents. Nice for me to take a look into the store on 1995 Chandler. In 1951, in El Paso, TX 79936 ( 915 ) 833-1481 miles away that they had my! The first i had a tire blow out and have been doing drugs and are... Had sex with 3300 Main St ( 99 % ) were offended and a belligerent! Account manager to look after your account reason for people react differently to different people 's training teaches ``. It makes me feel awkward when i see her or have a diverse work force only... 'S for Restricted sales i.e a relative of someone who works at that store in this town i would that. Evaluate their store mgrs on a website for corporate when they do understand..., praise or publish a complaint about her: 1-602-728-8000 Fax number: ( 813 ) 961-6395 are when! That math $ 10.99 been filed with the GM and i got gas last Friday bags on some handles a. They were cleaning it up but now it is unsanitary to purchase anything from this.... A person in charge tomorrow and find out if you are asked are you a and. Hotline on ( 852 ) 2991-6337 you 18 or older was there said thing! Credentials could n't be do'in all that math charges $ 1.50 to refill these though... Stated, `` i 'm wasting my time telling you, me, the! And it disgusts me at each other and said so and so here... 120.00 for $ 20.00 worth of gas stations and convenience stores, founded in.... Aurora Co be one cashier checking and one employee stocking took her time and with!
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