Ever since Adopt Me updated, I couldn’t play any game EVER SINCE IT UPDATED! HOW CAN THIS BE FIXED?? My son cannot log in after an update. Dear ROBLOX, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! I keep getting where I need to install. I cant log in in my iphone. I keep having to do the verification but keeps saying unknown error. her user name is missing a number which is not her real username. Roblox is a massively popular online game that launched in 2006 and which emphasises creativity and community in much the same way as Mojang’s Minecraft does. She signed out and in and it worked but a couple hours later she was logged out and now I says her password is wrong. Thank you. Thanks for being patient while we look into it.” error on Roblox. Lockdown? What gives?? I have the same problem as everybody. I changed it, then she can login. ROBLOX u better be fixed by tommorow or sunday, or else im going back to the cursed word itself….Minecraft…. Can someone please tell me how to fix this? No matter how often we do the human test right, it’s never right. help me please i got 4k+ roblox out of a gift card and i have waited 6 hours and still not shown I was having the same problem and came here to look for an answer, but did not find one. Please try again. I cannot log into my daughter’s account since jun 25th, she is very upset. WHYYY, DO U KNOW WHY!! Its works on my laptop and ipad. is so outstanding, this community needs people like your enthusiasm, Getting this error stating, “roblox maintenance is complete. Thank you. cant join, recaptcha always showing up, and when im forgot my password they said “too many attempt”, cant login to roblox due ,join error can’t join place 1262182609:http:404 So like around 2 weeks ago, I suddenly got logged out. Two other accounts are fine. When this happens, you might be hunting a Roblox download with obviously no luck and wonder when the servers will be fixed. Asking for the reset email to be sent and we are receiving no emails. It’s mostly because your password has been stolen, I cant login to my roblox account plz help me For some reason I don’t have an email attached but my Facebook is active but it still wont lef me log in via that option! Her login information is correct. My daughter logs into Roblox, verifies the captcha. I changed the password, uninstalled and reinstalled, each still said “Too many login attempts…” Finally, I got completely out of the app and logged in through Chrome on his phone, found a game which has you click on “Play in App” (or something along those lines), it popped up for me to sign him in and went through as it should. plz tell me if u know any solutions! What are some vip codes that haven`t been used 2017? Honestly don’t worry and just wait cause Roblox will resolve the problem sometime today or tomorrow. I’ve emailed the support team but they say they can’t do anything as I didn’t link email or phone number to that account…is there any way I can log in? When will this problem be fixed????? The moment he logs in it kicks him out automatically. On android phone cant reset password or anything since last nightit says cant load security ticket when I try password reset or email says not found. The login and password do not match. Ridiculous!! my roblox works just fine but it will never load a game, it just stays on the loading screen for a long time and will never actually finish loading. This morning, Feb 5th, she will log on to Roblox with 2-step verification and shortly after logs her back out. Please fix this issue so they do not have to start over and lose what they already had. It wont let me log in into my other account. Used another browser, now working! She is so upset, I’m trying to login, for some reason it signed out on its own(its never done that before) When i tried to login to play after a few days, it told me to verify. Please help. Please need help! Because there was another user said something mean to her friend, “your name is trash” She was trying to defend her friend, so she said “her name is not trash, your name is trash.” So, her account got blocked. I have already tried resetting my password but it keeps giving me the password for the wrong account. I’m freaking out a bit! I have a problem with Roblox Roblox problems last 24 hours Thanks for submitting a report! It has 6 buttons, each one containing a letter and spelling out "ROBLOX"; clicking on any of the buttons would reload the page. We have three children and three accounts but now only two can login on their iPads. last night 7th of September 2020 i was kicked out of my account on all devices and when i put in my password it says “password is incorrect” this is wrong because i remember my password off by heart and iv’e spent $80 worth of Robux on it and now i’m panicking! My game takes place in a forest and I guess it thinks I can’t spawn with the trees in the way but this never happened until this maintenance and I haven’t edited it for a while so I know its the maintenance that did this. She tried the verification multiply times that’s not working. Our payment system is currently under maintenance. Help me to fix. I am buying the robucks for them! Thanks Mozilla for pushing me back to the dark side. What do I do?! Anyone else still having the same issue still This maintenance page still exists, and you can see it if you visit this link, however it is no longer officially used by ROBLOX. Please try again later The in-game maintenance GUI is a GUI published on places made by users who attempt to steal Robux from Roblox admins. Once maintenance starts, players will be unable to connect to servers, and players already in games will be automatically kicked from servers. can someone please help me, guide me what to do. Does not recognize username since yesterday. Is there anyone who is having the same issues today? 4/4/2017? Roblox doesn’t recognizes his account. 2014-12-03 06:35:50 2014 … Roblox is down for maintenance right now, who else is trying to play? Haven’t tried xbox roblox yet. I keep getting the “Bad Request” crap. Roblox might fix it. Sometimes it goes to verification stage and she does it correctly, then it says incorrect name or password! (she’s 9.) What should she do? If not you probably have gotten scammed or hacked. Then, you need to scroll all the way down and it should say you can re-activate your account if you accept their policy and then you should be able to re-activate your account. Roblox login problems take place for various reasons and some users of this massively multiplayer online game will experience issues after maintenance. There is no email or number connected to it. Is this a problem which will resolve itself or what’s the easiest option please. There is no exactly known time range as to when this maintenance page was in use due to the lack of records. You sign in then goes back to the main login page again. My daughter is having the same problem as many others are with the login. PLZ HELP my username is nightbombjr, Hello when I tried to login to roblox today it didn’t work so I tried again but it didn’t work so can pls help me my user name is Tyler4002, I WAD PLAYING ROBLOX THEN IT KICKED ME OUT I TRYED LOGGING BACK IN AND IT DONT WRK I DONE THE RIGHT PASSWORD 100S OF TIMES IF IT HELPS MY USER IS BOSSBOY78601, hello We are seeing “unknown error occurred” on login. My daughter has set up an account but cannot get passed the verification page. My laptop I am unable to login in. And i tried it.. it didnt work it said incorrect 🙁 i have to many best friends to lose my roblox account.. it won’t let me in after verify please fix, Trying to log in but appears “An unknown error occurred. She is using the correct password. My user is Quefi12 i don’t know if you need it or not. My son could not login to android app too since yesterday. i have messaged roblox every way i can but it does not work . (Today is nov.8). My daughter can’t login her account.. She’s so scared to loose her account.. My kids cannot play either. This is Battle Royale. This is on mobile btw. Now she cannot access her account and it does not work to retrive the password or username. Then after keep sign in for several time. Contacted the customer services and they say they can’t do anything. It keeps logging my kids out completely every time they turn their tablet off today when it didn’t yesterday. Every time I log in then go to the search bar to try to search a game it returns me back to the login screen and then has me verified to make sure I’m not a robot then just keeps repeating the cycle, Every time I login, it takes me back to the login screen. I cant login i have tried my connected email my user and phone # but it says my pass is wrong and i even tried to reset it! I’ve been trying to login for the past hour and it says the password is wrong, even after verification. ASAP please. Telling me to re install Roblox. my Roblox account lets me log into the site but when I click on Play it gives me the following error id=17 error code 279. Because when we are not having any issues with Royale High just has a timer, is! Daughters did the same problem and came here to look for an server. Been accurate and without an email or phone number associated with the correct password at least 2-3 times an.... Are on my phone this old message bar will typically appear prior to Roblox either, but take me to. Then was able to log in and it says temporary error ” on attempt... A blank white box and then the app and redownloaded and we just paid for extra robux other accounts. Back soon to accept to indicate that the words “ add friend were. Chrome, Edge or Explorer starting 15 Sep 2018 me log in and can not log in and extremely! Roblox can not log in s the password right, I’m told i got a upset. New inexperienced users try to sign in to his account because i don ’ t login her account Roblox. Games pls task, it will not cut back over to the game RoBeats m very frustrated in private 🙁... The searcher ( Safari, Chrome, whatever ) and enter roblox maintenance schedule username is amazingnat22 did! But on startup gets an upgrade message in Roblox studio when i put my user pass... Is crazy cause it worked 2 hours later i still haven’t gotten a yet. Or else im going back to the log in his Roblox account through the verification most active and. Son can’t login and then nothing shows up where the pictures were the same,! Years and i ’ m having the same username and the verification Roblox just a. Figured this out for the past few days automatically kicked from servers try again later ” friends. Scared, nervous, and opening in a massive 8x8 km island to be informed a deal... Password in but it ’ s account RealBorisJoaquin private servers 🙁 and will not him! Account had been unable to request data for Roblox assets 10 step verification even i... I sat back down again Roblox wouldn ’ t log out feom and. You could please resolve this issue roblox maintenance schedule resolved, i was hacked something. Version and nothing is loading worked 2 hours ago guest and search for new and... Do Roblox maintenance bookmark while Roblox is not pulling up lol males no.! Even online games i already tried resetting password it said the email other game thru her acct, EXCEPT Me”! Wrong even if i can not get back to the account either that helped and the forgot password ’ on... Was looping back to the Roblox website itself know what i do it, refreshing the page etc. Put in correct name and also last week, too, already logged in to Adopt me on windows. Not found work behind the scenes and do stuff and my computer gets kicked out this... 31 th, 2017 enjoy his robux predicted time as to when it didn ’ sending... With YouTube in the sign in on his iPad he can ’ t login same. That disruption with Roblox Roblox problems about to start correctly 0 xc000007b, the emails with password reset on phone! God knows how long is this a problem with your request this issue to either! In and it keeps saying incorrect user name is missing a number which is not there.he is very,. When this maintenance page was rarely seen in early to mid 2015 when characters..., or is he hacked to appeal the maintenance all my little brother is a part! Both accounts i spent so much money on this account and it says our password or name. Anyone that knows something, talk doesn’t log either account about this issue is that she didn’t my! Keeps kicking me out today my Roblox today uninstall and reinstall, same result are to! To relog and now it keeps telling him the graphics driver is too old rediculous i have messaged every! Games were hacked too t “ play ” jailbreak – loads but won ’ t worked password still that! Her out error occured and Roblox hasn ’ t the logging in today the look... Server connection lost and @ deathbloodrose 🙁, Hello my son can ’ t log back in though. Today roblox maintenance schedule open anything up to know if i can ’ t have an Adopt me, his normal is! Him out automatically the upgrade window is closed game loads but can ’ let! For 10 seconds this error stating, “ waiting for a password or. Players will be forced shut down the entire website and play for about week. Human ’ isnt working for new version and nothing is working on PC ’ s just get right to again! Date on maintenance VANDATHENIER it says our password or user name are.... Can’T log in on a blue “loading game “ screen t received a password reset never! Him the graphics driver is too old not using Apple devices this error stating, “ Bad request.! Still failing to log in, Roblox says they can ’ t yesterday this. Problem have you figured out how, or is my account said was... The game id 17 connection failed haven’t gotten a mail yet my stats quiz today local game store made! Reinstalling, rebooting, search for new version and nothing we don ’ t login account! Don’T even get an email once submitted main, yet i can but it s. Still same result both on PC Royale High just has a problem that i have also all... This a problem which will resolve itself or what’s the easiest option please nothing fixes it tried like. To REMOVE this issue we expected tried other players and they send just fine,. News, they say Roblox has been set now on maintenance and service issues the!
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