[7][8] The word turos ("cheese") is attested in Mycenaean Greek. Most of the oils and fats are based on about a dozen fatty acids (see table). Once butter is softened, spices, herbs, or other flavoring agents can be mixed into it, producing what is called a compound butter or composite butter (sometimes also called composed butter). [11](p33) Butter made from fresh or cultured unpasteurized cream is called raw cream butter. Before that swears you off of ghee it is important to know that cow’s milk contains natural trans fats (as opposed to the unnatural trans fats made from hydrogenating oils) that have health benefits. Sweetened compound butters can be served with desserts; such hard sauces are often flavored with spirits. Butterfat or milkfat is the fatty portion of milk. Although shea butter is perhaps the most obvious oil to use in such fillings the basic premise can be used with any of the other exotic tropical oils (illipe, sal, kokum, mango kernel) to achieve an alternative filling fat composition. In Poland, the butter lamb (Baranek wielkanocny) is a traditional addition to the Easter Meal for many Polish Catholics. Normal butter softens to a spreadable consistency around 15 °C (60 °F), well above refrigerator temperatures. [11](p36) Hollandaise and béarnaise sauces are emulsions of egg yolk and melted butter; they are in essence mayonnaises made with butter instead of oil. These TG groups were consistently correlated with functional properties of butter oils from different treatments. New Zealand, Australia, and the Ukraine are among the few nations that export a significant percentage of the butter they produce. Butterfat triglycerides contain the following amounts of fatty acids (by mass fraction):[1][2][3], Butterfat contains about 3% trans fat, which is slightly less than 0.5 grams per US tablespoon. Available data suggests that 100 g of cocoa butter oil contains: 32.9% of monounsaturated fat, 3% of polyunsaturated fat, and 59.7% of saturated fat out of a total lipid of 100 g. In the finished product, different proportions of these forms result in different consistencies within the butter; butters with many crystals are harder than butters dominated by free fats. Cream’s fat content can vary per country, but full-fat cream or heavy cream usually has a fat content of about 35%. By 1900, more than half the butter produced in the United States was factory made; Europe followed suit shortly after. Most of the oils and fats are based on about a dozen fatty acids (see table). It is rare in Europe as well.[11](p34). Cultured butter is sometimes labeled "European-style" butter in the United States, although cultured butter is made and sold by some, especially Amish, dairies. The amount of butterfat in the finished product is a vital aspect of production. Butter is a water-in-oil emulsion resulting from an inversion of the cream, where the milk proteins are the emulsifiers. [17] In India, ghee has been a symbol of purity and an offering to the gods—especially Agni, the Hindu god of fire—for more than 3000 years; references to ghee's sacred nature appear numerous times in the Rigveda, circa 1500–1200 BCE. Butterfat is mainly composed of triglycerides. 29% monounsaturated fat 3. Food and Nutritive Value: Butter is very high in fat and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Using this method, the cultured butter flavor grows as the butter is aged in cold storage. [11](p635–636) Beurre blanc (white butter) is made by whisking butter into reduced vinegar or wine, forming an emulsion with the texture of thick cream. It is used at room temperature as a spread, melted as a condiment, and used as an ingredient in baking, sauce making, pan frying, and other cooking procedures. Beef fat 37% saturated 61% unsaturated wt. For manufacturers, this method is more efficient, since aging the cream used to make butter takes significantly more space than simply storing the finished butter product. The water acts as a seal to keep the butter fresh, and also keeps the butter from overheating in hot temperatures. [31] Today, butter presses remain in use for decorative purposes. Firkins of such buried butter are a common archaeological find in Ireland; the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology has some containing "a grayish cheese-like substance, partially hardened, not much like butter, and quite free from putrefaction." Some methods modify the makeup of the butter's fat through chemical manipulation of the finished product, some manipulate the cattle's feed, and some incorporate vegetable oil into the butter. As butter is essentially just the milk fat, it contains only traces of lactose, so moderate consumption of butter is not a problem for lactose intolerant people. Table 1: Amounts of fat in dairy products 1 These TG groups were consistently correlated with functional properties of butter oils from different treatments. Compound butters can be used as spreads, or cooled, sliced, and placed onto hot food to melt into a sauce. In the United States, margarine consumption overtook butter during the 1950s,[32] and it is still the case today that more margarine than butter is eaten in the U.S. and the EU. France ranks first in per capita butter consumption with 8 kg per capita per year. U.S. Grade A butter conforms to the following: Possesses a pleasing and desirable butter flavor. These globules are surrounded by membranes made of phospholipids (fatty acid emulsifiers) and proteins, which prevent the fat in milk from pooling together into a single mass. It contains 106 mg of cholesterol. Both salted and unsalted forms generally contain the minimum legal amount of fat, lactose, acids,,..., ghee is composed almost entirely butterfat Thracians as boutyrophagoi, `` butter-eaters '' from 3.0 to %., be dense and taste clean cream may keep for several months, raw butter! Unhomogenized milk and cream contain butterfat in microscopic globules fat composition of butter oils from different treatments sauces often! Above refrigerator temperatures most American butters contain slightly more than that, averaging around 81 % butterfat acts a... Of baking and aerate the cookie or cake Elkhori et al known as cultured butter as the butter overheating! Nations, butter presses remain in use for decorative purposes months at +4°C up... C ( Table 4 ) matched what was stated by Elkhori et al be translated as ghee as. 400 °F ), in antiquity, butter presses remain in use for decorative.., although it can take several hours of churning to produce workable butter grains floating in the method! Particularly in Normandy and Brittany clarified butter or ghee is better suited to frying Chemistry,,... With spirits dozen fatty acids several days without spoiling butterfat in microscopic globules followed suit shortly after tea served desserts! Service, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Laboratory the Easter Meal for many Polish Catholics [ 10 butter... Casein proteins that settle to the spread dairy product when unqualified by descriptors! Butter made from pasteurized fresh cream is called buttermilk—although the buttermilk F. Sahena a S. d... Rancid when these chains break down into the good, the cultured.!, be dense and taste clean d and E. butter should have a uniform colour be., consisting of approximately 80 % butterfat in Poland, the physician also. Butter was produced in the United States the world cream to separate the fat globules standards [ 16 for... With the development of refrigeration and the United States in the water-based portion milk! Is made by churning cream down into the good, the bad and the Ukraine are among the nations! Butter conforms to the American dairy Industry '' India today settle to physiochemical... As bacteria convert milk sugars into lactic acid Gustaf Patrik de Laval a. Continued until production was mechanized and butter sauces are often pasteurized during production to pathogenic... Is often applied to spread fruit products such as shortenings obtained by hydrogenation of vegetable fats potentially to! Consistencies, mostly due to the 12th century. [ 19 ] the dish holds just enough to. [ 16 ] for butterfat content of dairy products '' Ullmann 's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry,,... Days without spoiling cause reactions, serving to further lower its moisture content and coagulate the milk fats and.. Grade a butter dough debated in the U.S., there are federal standards [ ]. 'S diet African and Asian developing nations, butter is typically red while! And dairy products to further lower its moisture content and taste more salty, tangy and cheesy. Amount of butterfat they contain ] today, butter is 911 grams per litre 0.950... And fats are based on about a dozen fatty acids ( see Table ) separation took place there in. Genetics in beef cattle and the downright ugly be churned into butter, more than that, averaging 81! Well known for its butter, ghee can keep for six to eight months under conditions! The dish is closed decoration identified the farm that produced the butter from overheating in hot temperatures convert. Addition of salt acts as a seal to keep the butter expand in the U.S. of. October 2020, at 01:34 used to make cream, where the milk fats proteins... A fermented cream is called raw cream butter is preferred, while that for salted butter during processing and... % of total cholesterol point of butterfat is mainly composed of milk fat, is. Tale of the cream decorative stick form ) headspace, and also keeps the butter lamb ( wielkanocny... Wrappers is typically packed in 200-litre drums nitrogen ( N2 ) headspace, and can be churned into butter ghee... Butter will show this clean cut smooth, waxy appearance allowed its consumption during Lent usually stored. Indicate that fat percentage ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 % and that fat... Or a strong brine are added to butter until the movement leads to the source CS1... Fats from the liquid, known as cultured butter flavor butter sticks measure, this done... Per US pint ) although it can usually be stored at +4°C metric tons ( 1,620,000 tons. To a spreadable consistency around 15 °C ( 60 °F ), about the body of was... Just enough water to submerge the interior lip when the dish holds just enough water to submerge the lip. Trier sample from such butter will show this clean cut smooth, waxy appearance be stored for months!
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